As one of the most popular Mexican American movie starlets of perpetuity, Salma Hayek is known for having an incredible curve that markets flick tickets.

Yes, her gorgeous face and busty frame has actually landed her countless hit roles creating some fans to wonder if plastic surgery was the vital to her Hollywood success.



Obviously, these rumors were never proven.



Now that Salma remains in her 50s, I simply can not ignore the indicators anymore.



This lady is ageless and also if that’s insufficient, her body looks also bustier than in the past!






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Before & After Photos



There needs to be a factor for everything, even for a goddess. So I compared as well as reviewed as several photos as I could. Right here’s what I discovered.



Has Salma Hayek had a boob job?



The million dollar question- Are her boobs actual or phony?



I actually wished to back her up below. I truly do, yet if a photo deserves a thousand words, then I think I’m done.



The cleavage is besides the point, it’s her mug size that’s making all the headlines. Salma Hayek’s breasts have actually clearly obtained a few sizes right here.



And also it does not look like she has actually put on much weight either so breast augmentation might be the only explanation below.

Your ideas?


Did Salma have a nose job?



There’s been speak about Salma getting a nose job prior to she tipped foot onto Hollywood. So, I did the above comparison to see if this was true.



The top left image was taken when she was still an unknown celebrity in Mexico. From what I can see, there isn’t much distinction to her nose shape. The bridge and also the tip look identical so I question she got her nose done.



Did Hayek get botox injections?



Evidently, Hispanic female age really well and that could clarify why Salma is looking so proficient at her age.



You can rarely see any kind of wrinkles on her face and also the great lines are specifically simply that, fine!



While her cheeks does look plumper in the after shot, I put that to makeup as opposed to botox. She’s absolutely blessed in the skin department and I believe she’s YEARS far from also considering a renovation, that’s if she’ll ever before require one.






What more can I claim?



Every person on this lady’s face looks natural. Nevertheless, I couldn’t claim the same regarding her body. I’m presuming she had an augmentation treatment and also the result is remarkable!



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