It’s 100% real.

I find Madison Beer really eye-catching and it’s not simply her voice.


This woman is definitely spectacular however there is something about her charm that appears a little bit abnormal. I can not fairly discuss it.



I’m guessing plastic surgery below.





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Before and  After Photos



The only method to understand the reality is by contrasting pictures.

Check it out.


Has Madison Beer had a nose job?



I really do covet her.

Madison has a stunning nose so I would not be amazed if she had a nose job.



If you look meticulously at her earlier photo, her nose shape actually hasn’t changed a lot. You can see it from the bridge to the pointer.



This is all the evidence I require to say nope.


Did Madison get lip injections?



Uncertain if you already know this, yet Madison have really admitted to having lip injections on TikTok.



I do not understand why she made a decision ahead clean. Maybe she actually has no choice to deny it, especially with evidence similar to this?



Regardless, this woman have earned my respect in regards to her sincerity.


Did Madison  have a boob job?



There are times when Madison Beer’s busts look bigger than usual so I can comprehend where all the boob job reports originate from. She has a great body!



I assume her boobs are actual as well as she’s simply been using push up bra to increase her cup size. They don’t resemble implants, specifically in this gown.



This is a trick that a lot of women make use of anyway so I do not blame her.


What about botox?



It’s impressive what makeup can do for an individual as well as this is just what I think it is.



She’s still young and does not need to touch botox.



Year 2021



Final Thoughts



There isn’t actually much to claim regarding the vocalist.

I mean, she’s currently admitted about the lip fillers so I do not see any type of reason for her to lie concerning the remainder of her face being natural.



The truth is, there is no surgical proof to suggest or else.



Watch Before and After video

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