No lines, no creases, no flaps, nothing actually … and also it has been like this for more than 2 decades?

INDEED, we are discussing Keith Urban here as well as how he’s been able to maintain his face so damn captivating … for as long.



Honestly, exactly how does he do it?

This male simply doesn’t understand just how to get old!



He needs to have the fountain of youth concealed someplace, or else, there is no chance he might look this great in his 50s. (Unless someone wants to send us his cosmetic surgeon’s number and we’ll gladly stop!).




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Before & After Pictures


Presuming that Keith has actually been utilizing artificial ways to manage his aging, there must be indications that we’ll be able to place.

Allow’s check them out with each other!


Fixing His Teeth



It shows up that the c and w singer has constantly had some bad teeth problems. This was caught in a vocal singing competitors when he was just 16 years old. You can plainly see the gap on his front tooth as he sang the classic “All Out of Love” for the judges.



Below is a shot from another angle as well as you can see that Keith certainly really did not have the straightest collection of teeth. They were pointy jagged if I’m straightforward.

Yet nobody would certainly say that he was a very handsome boy back then. A teenage child with extraordinary singing skill that’s pursuing his dreams …



Perhaps the oral modern technology back then had not been advanced sufficient to close the void in between, so Keith had this diastema (clinical term) for a while into his occupation. Until his dental professional ultimately fixed it completely.



See it for yourself.



As you can see from the pictures above, Keith is familiar with aesthetic dental care. Now, we’re not precisely certain what method was made use of to fix his teeth spaces, however it didn’t appear like he required any kind of dental implants. Perhaps he did utilize veneers.


Yes, he more than likely had porcelain veneer yet in any case, he’s got that ideal smile now. He would certainly have done some bleaching treatments as well considering that his teeth are so white nowadays.


Did Keith have rhinoplasty surgery?



Going by the fact that Keith has always been handsome looking growing up, there truly isn’t much work required to be done to his face. Besides his teeth, this New Zealand birthed vocalist has the entire bundle to end up being a popular celebrity.



If you look very closely at the above comparison, you’ll have the ability to see that Keith had a slightly misaligned nose. It’s been changed to his best side as well as this was evident in both photos, which were taken 12 years apart.

Currently, if Keith was to consider a nose job, he ‘d most likely wish to correct this up. But the reality is, his nose bridge was left untouch so he couldn’t have potentially had actually any type of job done.


Has Keith Urban had a facelift?



Many people recognize that Keith had a background of medication issues consisting of cocaine, euphoria, and alcohol addiction. All these years of abuse would have done enormous damage to his skin.



If you check out the picture from the top left, that pic was the younger variation of Keith, approx 14 years difference from the photo on the right. You can plainly see the laugh lines as well as the wrinkles around his jaw and cheek area. And also the heavy eye bags under his eyes and the visible lines on his temple. His skin looked extremely dry as well as he actually looked worst than his mid 40s image on the right.



Even though Keith has actually never ever honestly admitted to any types of facial surgical procedures, I feel that there are signs that some type of facelift procedures may have occurred. Unless he had some truly good eye lotions and also face tightening printer toners, otherwise presumably impossible to turn around those problems. However naturally, we’ll leave that judgment for you to make.


Signs Of Using Botox/ Fillers



It appears clear that Keith’s face cheeks has more quantity than when he was more youthful. While this may be contributed to his weight, botox is additionally an opportunity.

If you consider his crow’s feet, they likewise show up to have actually faded although these images were taken years apart. So of course, I assume there is a good chance that Keith has been obtaining fillers however hasn’t overdone it, which is a good idea.



Did you see those wrinkles near the “leading” of his forehead?

Also, observed the void between those lines and his brows?

Intriguing, huh?



More Information about Keith Urban:



Genuine Name: Keith Lionel Urban.

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Music Producer.

Total assets: 75 Million.

Nationality: New Zealander/ Australian.

Birth Place: Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand.

DOB: 26th of October, 1967.

Partnership: Married to Nicole Kidman.

Children: Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.

Height: 1.78 m or 5 feet 10 in.

Weight: 75 kg or 165 pounds.

Body Built: Average.

Natural Hair Color: Light Brown.

Natural Eye Color: Blue.





There were most definitely indicators recommending that Keith Urban could’ve had some kind of plastic surgery. Provided the reality that he’s had a history important abuse, it’s feasible that he’ll make use of alternate techniques to keep his vibrant appearances.

At the end of the day, he is a country idolize and also he needs to look great.



While he hasn’t personally admitted to having gone under the blade, one has to question how he’s had the ability to sustain that rather face of his for as long. He is 50 years old after all as well as he looks no where near that. So if he’s really had any type of aesthetic procedures, then undoubtedly, you’ve got to confess that his plastic surgeon has done a fantastic work!

If anything, he looks better currently than when he was in his 30s!

And also it looks so all-natural also!



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