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An image of Ellen Pompeo


To identify if Ellen Pompeo had cosmetic surgical treatment treatments, let’s make a contrast of her prior to and after pictures through the years. Or does she look hot due to the fact that she had aid from appeal cosmetic surgeons?

With her face on the air week after week, fans are so utilized to seeing Ellen on the small screen. Since she’s continuously in the spotlight, the TELEVISION star has actually made her share of plastic surgical treatment reports, simply like numerous other popular celebs whose face and body have actually been carefully inspected.

Ellen really looks older in her more current looks. Was there ever a time she had plastic surgical treatment?





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Before & After Photos


An image of Ellen Pompeo


Ellen Pompeo is among tv’s most resilient stars. She’s been headlining the hit medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” for the last 14 years … and counting.

A few of these reports recommend that Ellen may have gotten botox injections and lip fillers to preserve her lovely look. Fans likewise thought that the star, whose TELEVISION alter-ego is Dr. Meredith Grey, may have had a possible rhinoplasty, too, after discovering a small distinction on her face.

Over the years, Ellen has actually firmly insisted that she’s not a fan of cosmetic enhancements. It looks like she prepares to age naturally as she’s about to go into the huge 5-0.


Did Ellen Pompeo Have Botox?


An image of Ellen Pompeo


Ellen’s face today has noticeable signs of aging, with her popular wrinkles and lines. Over 10 years earlier, the starlet stated in an interview with People that she’s really not scared to age.

In another interview with Into The Gloss, Ellen confessed that she attempted botox in her early years as a starlet, however she has actually stopped the treatment. She stated that seeing wrinkles on her face forces her to take excellent care of her skin – naturally.

There was as soon as a time when Ellen appeared in public looking somewhat puffy, as seen in these prior to and after pictures. Fans believed that she had face fillers since her face was inflamed, however the starlet rejected this.


Has She Had A Facelift?


An image of Ellen Pompeo


As the cosmetic improvement reports continue, individuals question if Ellen ever got a face lift to enhance her appearances. A leading cosmetic surgeon thinks that she did.

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian informed Closer publication that the skin on Ellen’s neck and jawline look uncommonly tightened up and smooth however Ellen restated that she’s not into treatments. Rather, she utilizes a great deal of SK-II skin care cosmetics and cream, and has actually done other natural methods to treat her skin, like sprinkling ice cold water on it till it feels frozen.


What Happened To Her Face / Lip Scar?


An image of Ellen Pompeo


By the way, here’s a valuable skin care idea: utilize a hyaluronic acid serum to assist with deep scars. With constant application, you’ll discover the scarred location getting faded and it will likewise avoid brand-new scar development, if you have acne issues.

Ellen has a noticeable face scar simply above her upper lip and individuals have actually questioned why she never ever got a treatment for this, like microdermabrasion. The starlet informed a fan in an interview in 2008 that her “scar” is in fact a birthmark, which she never ever prepares on getting rid of.


Did Ellen Get Lip Injections?


An image of Ellen Pompeo


Another leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller likewise believes that Ellen may have gotten some light cosmetic improvements done, while doctor-to-the-stars Dr. Anthony Youn associates the starlet’ fuller lips to 3 possible things: filler injections, weight gain or a steroid medication she’s taking.


Ellen’s Transformation


An image of Ellen Pompeo


Early Days


An image of Ellen Pompeo


Ellen Pompeo was currently a lovely gal when she was young, as seen in this high school picture. She used her hair commonly loose and had her own enjoyable design. Take a look at those beautiful eyes with the popular eyelids!


Year 1996


An image of Ellen Pompeo


She had such an innocent appearance about her. The starlet had a thinner face shape then, with less fuller cheeks.

The starlet likewise shot back at her critics by using a great black gown that stressed her healthy figure at individuals’s Choice Awards. The gown likewise had a slit that displayed her hot legs. Does not appear like she fought with an eating disorder at all!


Year 2002


An image of Ellen Pompeo in 2002


Ellen starred in “Catch Me If You Can” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. We do not believe she had a jaw decrease surgical treatment throughout this time, however she may have gotten implants on her chin due to the fact that it looks more popular.


Year 2004


An image of Ellen Pompeo in 2004


With her star ready to increase, Ellen signed up with the cast of “Collateral,” which included Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, on the red carpet. The starlet looked slim then and had radiant skin that she credited to diet plan and workout.

Ellen had an easy eye makeup on however it drew individuals to discover her a little greater eyebrows. Did she get a browlift?


Year 2005


An image of Ellen Pompeo in 2005


Ellen’s brand-new TELEVISION program “Grey’s Anatomy” ended up being a hit and she strolled the red carpet exhibiting the self-confidence of somebody who will grow, while in a winning gown that highlighted her cleavage. Fans inspected her breast size and hypothesized that she may have gotten a boob job because of this.

She looked so lovely with her radiant makeup and hot hairdo. Yep, she’s informing Hollywood she has actually shown up!


Year 2007


An image of Ellen Pompeo in 2007


Ellen went to the Emmy Awards looking various than her TELEVISION medical professional character. With her design glammed up and her hair rejected her face, individuals saw her a little upturned nose. Is this because of nose job or simply excellent makeup?

We like the downplayed hoop earrings, by the way. It went so well with her classy appearance.


Year 2011


An image of Ellen Pompeo in 2011


Ellen accomplished another achievement as one of TELEVISION’s greatest paid stars for the year. She beautified an occasion looking a bit more youthful with heavy bangs, however fans believed she had face fillers as well so she would look more younger.


Year 2014


An image of Ellen Pompeo in 2014


Ellen in fact looks a lot more youthful without makeup on, however wrinkles and the crows feet around her eyes have actually begun to reveal. The starlet, nevertheless, stated that she’s rather addicted to skin care, not cosmetic surgery.


Year 2016


An image of Ellen Pompeo in 2016


Ellen Pompeo got distressed at reports that recommended she had an eating disorder which she needed to get a liposuction to enhance her body shape after conceiving. She rejected the cosmetic surgery speculations once again and stated that lost her pregnancy weight by exercising.


Year 2017


An image of Ellen Pompeo in 2017


Commemorating the 300th episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Ellen stimulated reports about getting botox because of how various she took a look at the Hollywood celebration. The puffiness on her face was too apparent, while the smoothness of her neck recommended she had a neck lift.

Dr. Mardirossian likewise thought that Ellen may have gotten lip injections because of how her lips looked plump in her contrast photos. The modification in the shape of her mouth is so subtle that just skilled eyes might find it.


Year 2018


An image of Ellen Pompeo in 2018


An extremely elegant-looking Ellen Pompeo beautified the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with little wrinkles on her face and sexier, fuller lips. Hence, individuals hypothesized that she simply got a facelift and a fresh round of lip injections.


More Information About Ellen Pompeo


Genuine Name: Ellen Kathleen Pompeo

Birthday: 10th November 1969

Star Sign: Scorpio

Birth Place: Everett, Massachusetts, United States

Citizenship: American

Race/ Ethnicity: Italian, English, Irish

Profession: Actress, TELEVISION Producer, Film Producer

Net Worth: $30 Million

Relationship: Married to Chris Ivery

Kids: Sienna May Pompeo Ivery, Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery, Eli Christopher Pompeo Ivery

Gown Size: 6 (United States).

Body Measurement: 36-26-36 Inches.

Height: 1.7 m (5 feet 7 in).

Weight: 57 kg (126 pound).

Bra Size: 34B.

Shoe Size: 9 (United States).

Natural Eye Color: Green.

Natural Hair Color: Light Brown.




Ellen stated in numerous interviews that she’s doing her finest to welcome aging naturally, some specialists saw signs on her stunning face that she might have gotten plastic surgical treatment treatments. The TELEVISION star, nevertheless, is being wise about how she improves her appearances, so the modifications aren’t too apparent.


An image of Ellen Pompeo


Cosmetic surgeons likewise could not concur whether Ellen gets botox frequently due to the fact that she still has some noticeable scars, particularly around her eyes. That deep scar on her upper lip is obviously a birthmark, so that’s not likely to vanish.


An image of Ellen Pompeo


Ellen likewise stated she depends on anti-aging skin care items instead of cosmetic improvements. We believe that regardless of her altering appearances, the popular TELEVISION icon stays a charm inside and out.


An image of Ellen Pompeo


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