Emily Ratajkowski – famous British-American actress and model as well, with amazing body and incredible beauty. There are so many talks and Instagram discussions related plastic surgery procedures she performed, like lips correction, boob job and nose job. If all of these critics true?

But the main question is how did she hide all of this for so long?



She spent all her life in US but was born in Westminister, London. When she was 5 her family moved to San Diego, California. Couple of years later in US she became interested in theatre. Then she enrolled in the University of California in Los Angeles and got into modeling business. But in fact she didn’t achieve anything there.



Yes, she got a few roles in small budget movies and even played in 2 small episodes in Nickelodeon’s iCarly. But it was almost nothing until her photos in artistic magazine where she took off her clothes! That makes her recognizable and allowed to get first role in the music video by Pgarell William’s, Blurred Lines.



That’s prove the truth about Hollywood, if you want to make it, you’ve got to show it!

But popularity has 2 sides of medal. There were a lot of scandals and criticisms especially when all attention was related only on her appearance. What is natural beauty in a modern world? Natural as it is or imperceptible cosmetic and plastic procedures which are not so obvious, but forms the whole picture. People say that she did surgical correction of her nose, that boobs are fake and all the rest like lips, butt are also got artificial changes.



So what are just rumors and what is true?

Well…let’s find out!




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Before & After Photos

In order to get to the truth if Emily Ratajkowski has had any plastic or cosmetic surgeries we will look at her photos in the past and try to identify any significant changes. We will lokk at her upper and low body as well as eyes, neck, mouth etc.



Emily’s Breast Implants?


Anyone who saw her first musical video “blurred lines” wondered are her boobs real? Definitely that is not just a game of light and the way she performed in video led people debate about her real cup size or can it be natural breast or just implants. Let’s take a look at photo-comparison above. From the first view the breast seems too big to be natural and most probably Emily got breast augmentation procedure using breast implants but at the same time it can be just a push-up effect. What’s your idea about that?




Nose Rhynoplasty?


Regarding her nose everything seems very clearly. If you compare her nose at the photos above you’ll notice that at the “after” photo her nose seems thinner and nasal bridge narrower. Her nose looks magnificent and very attractive. Most probably it means that she had minor rhinoplasty surgery. The contour of the nose also looks perfect. And all the fame comes to her plastic surgeon that did his job perfectly!


Lip Fillers?


If a man talks to a beautiful woman in almost 100% of cases he looks at her lips. Hollywood stars know how it’s important. But Emily looks lucky as her luscious lips looks very attractive. Looking at photos “before” and “after” seems that she had her thick lips since she was young. We also found her older photos and notice that there no changes in shape or thickness of the lips. We believe that she never did anything to her lips and they are natural. If you have such gorgeous lips no need in additional risk related to surgical interventions. Simple makeup techniques can make them more blossom with lip plumper.



From 2006 to 2018. Emily’s changing

Year 2006

Hard to believe but Emily is just 15 years old on this photo. The quality of the photo is not perfect but you can see her big eyes, full pudgy lips and nice eyebrows.



Year 2009

As we said in the beginning, Emily played 2 episodes roles in the 3rd season in Nickelodeon’s iCarly Role of Gibby’s girlfriend, Tasha. Then she was studied in University of California, Los Angeles just for 1 year and finally went to modeling business.



Looking at the photo of her student’s time, easy to notice that her jawline appears to be wider here. Also her chin looks a little bit larger too. The reason why it changed over time can be chin implant. We can’t be fully confident but most likely she had chin reduction surgery to alter her face shape and most probably jaw contouring. But again standing ovation to her plastic surgeon!

Year 2012

In 2012 he appeared in commercial showing of Carl’s Junior Burger. Just look at her toned body and perfect waist. It looks amazing and we don’t think that this can be done by any plastic or cosmetics procedures like tummy stuck. Most likely she did a great job in gym and clearly followed the diet.



This year was one of the best in the life of an aspiring model, because she got featured in the “Treat!” magazine. And it means that you are famous and get a lot of opportunities. One of them was casting in the musical video “Love Somebosy” by Maroon Five and later “Fast Car” by Taio Cruz.

Year 2013



After all opportunities in 2012 the next year was a breakthrough. As she appeared in the MTV for Robin Thicke’s T.I. But what’s what conquered the country’s heart was her performance in “Blurred Lines”, musical video by Pharell William. Her perfect body with big boobs made everyone talks about this Blurred Lines girl.

And of course there were people who start speculate regarding her breast size. That there are breast implants and push up bra to overall breast size.



Year 2014

If success comes, then seize the moment. 2014 was also very good for Emily. She participated in the Spike TV’s “Guys Choice 2014” at Sony Pictures Studios but the main breakthrough was getting a role playing the mistress of Ben Affleck in the hit movie, “Gone Girl”. That gave her a contract with Cosmopolitan that put her to the front cover!



Year 2015

At the photo that was done during the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Celebration in New York, Emily looks fantastic. The money really create miracles: smooth skin, plump lips, well-groomed face



and all starting from make-up and ending with red dress perfectly matching with each other. Still people keep saying that she did lip injection bus as we discovered before that is not true.

Year 2016

The next Emily’s bright appearance was at the Vanity Fair Oscars bash in Beverly Hills. She dressed an Italian embroidered tulle skirt by Australian designer Steven Khalil and a strapless black bodysuit. Obviously, in this bodysuit, Emily Ratajkowski Breasts became the center of attraction. And it generates the new round of rumors regarding breast size and breast implants



But rumors and talks just increase you popularity and that gives her first leading role. It was a musical drama “We are Your Friends” by Zac Elfron. Her modeling career also developed perfectly. So she appeared on covers of GQ, Grazia France, Instyle UK and others.

Year 2017



Emily is quite contradictory person. If you didn’t know she has quite feminist view of life. So from time to time we can see her conservative side. On the photo above she’s in the New York Fashion Week. Wearing glasses and quite modest dress. Any Hollywood star always surrounded by scandal and criticism and her spaghetti pasta video for Love magazine was one of them. You can find it in youtube if you didn’t see.



2017 has also been a busy year for her. A lot for shooting to the front covers of Vogue, Marie Claire and US Instyle. But now take an attentive look at her nose. Does it seem bigger again? – Definitely yes. So probably she didn’t have any nose job and this just an art of makeup.

Year 2018

She attends the Golden Globes after party at this photo. Her pink-red eye makeup looks amazing and incredibly matches her skin color. Also lips color less bright that allows to focus all attention to her eyes.



She is 26 years old. She has a perfect body, harmonious facial features and no signs of wrinkles. Therefore, no need to think about and cosmetics interventions like botox injections, facelift or anything else like that.



More Information About Emily Ratajkowski:

Real Name: Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski

Birthday: 7th June 1991

Star Sign: Gemini

Birth Place: Westminster, London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Model, Actress

Net Worth: $2 Million

Nationality: American, British

Race / Ethnicity: Irish, German, Polish

Relationship: Dating with Jeff Magid

Children: None

Height: 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)

Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)

Body Measurement: 35-24-34 Inches

Bra Size: 32C

Dress Size: 2 (US)

Shoe Size: 9 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter



Cosmolitan interview regarding cosmetic surgeries by Emily.

When Emily gave interview to Cosmopolitan Magazine she pretty straight claims:




She also said that hates people who suspecting her in fake boobs and breasts implants. What she really did to prove? – She posted her 14 years old photos where you can see her incredible bust size.

Certainly some people didn’t trust that photo saying: “You are 20 years old here”. Really…can be.




After our photo-investigation of Emily’s photos, there can be some evidence she had some plastic surgeries with nose and lips. But the main question regarding her breast is still open. To clear evidence proving whether she her boobs are real or not.



Regarding Emily Ratajkowski’s lips, we saw that she had that plumped lips on her “young” photos and still stays almost the same now. It proves that she didn’t do any plastic surgeries. But her upper lip doesn’t seem to be as chunky as the bottom. It can be due to lip fillers injected to the top lip.



In terms of nose, the situation is not entirely clear. We saw serious changing in her nose shape in middle of investigation but in 2017 photos her nose again looks the same. May be just makeup and lighting tricks.



So what’s your idea?

Did Emily perform any cosmetic surgeries?







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